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This is one of my favorite movies of all time. This national treasure was released in 1995. I loved it! Robin Williams was one of my favorite actors & this was one of his best roles. The movie begins with Alan Parrish as a child in 1969. His father owns a shoe factory & he has some trouble getting along with the other kids his age. He soon finds a cursed board game called Jumanji which he stumbles across by chance. He invites his young girlfriend Sarah Whittle to play the game together with him. They begin & things immediately get weird. When Sarah takes her first turn nothing happens immediately. Eventually a bunch of bats fly out of the fireplace. Alan, not waiting to be find out exactly what is going on takes his first turn & gets sucked into the game. Upon seeing this & being attacked by the bats, Sarah decides to run away from the game rather than continue playing it.

Some time lapses before we find ourselves in the year 1995 joining the next 2 people that will eventually become players in the game that was started 26 years earlier. They are a brother and sister duo named Judy & Peter Shepherd. These 2 youngsters come to live with their aunt after they lose their parents in a ski trip accident in the prior family home of Alan Parish. It had been abandoned for years at that point because there were questions surrounding the disappearance of the child and his father spent his entire fortune trying to figure out what had happened the day Alan was taken by Jumanji.

Judy & Peter are a couple of spirited children who discover the board game while exploring their new home. They find it in the attic where it sat since the night Alan disappeared. When they decide to play is when the entire spool starts to unravel. The children are able to pull Alan back out of the game but time has continued to progress for him as normal. When he finally makes it out of the game he is much older, he is a full grown man played by Robin Williams. There are many twists and turns as the game is played. These 3 decide to finish the game to set right the past but there is a problem. They need the 4th player that started the game all those years ago to agree to finish the game with them as well.

Once the 3 find Sarah Whittle they have to convince her that it would be best for all of them if they could manage to complete the game together. They are tested time after time but the harder the game tries to pull them apart the harder they stick together. Eventually, they are able to overcome everything to find success and win the game.