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There are so many wacky movies, or some would say cult movies available for watching. I discovered this one while I was in treatment for my excessive alcohol use. I had tried AA and other type of abstinent programs, fighting cravings, and always failing. A friend of mine had heard about a new approach to drinking and pointed me to LifeBac which helped me change my relationship with alcohol. I honestly believe that their approach is the best solution for alcoholism I have ever tried. Their spiel is that 92% reported cravings are totally removed or significantly reduced and 65% of patients reduce drinking to safe levels without the need to quit. I was able to set my own goals and achieve them at my own pace! The medication Baclofen allowed me to drop my alcohol consumption to a moderate amount- I still love my beer, but no longer in excess! It was at the start of the holistic LifBAC program that I discovered this crazy film.

It is one of my favorites. The story finds 2 average people involved in a military experiment gone wrong. The movie stars Luke Wilson (Joe) & Maya Rudolph (Rita). First we have a very lazy military clerk who is assigned to a new top secret mission. Once he arrives he finds himself in the company of a very nice, well let’s say, call girl. who has been signed up for the experiment by her pimp. The 2 come to find out soon that the plan is to place them into a suspended animation project for one year. Unfortunately, while they are sleeping, the military base closes down and the project is forgotten. 500 years later when the 2 are finally woken up they find the world in a serious condition of decay.

Joe wakes up and finds himself in a strange situation so he heads to a hospital to be checked out and discovers he is in the year 2505. He also comes to learn that much of the infrastructure of the country has eroded through the years and the population in this new state is incredibly stupid. They speak a degraded form of English and live in plastic huts. The number 1 movie of the day is "Ass" 90 minutes of asses farting. When Rita wakes up she also finds this degraded society.  Initially she is completely distract since she left a 5 year old daughter with her mother. The last images she has of her daughter is of the little girl dancing around her grandmother’s garden wearing princess clothing that Rita had bought her for her fifth birthday. The daughter is waving a "magic" wand and wearing a fake rhinestone tiara. In the movie’s flashback you see this sweet little girl in a glitzy princess dress of hot pink and lavender swirls and three layers of scalloped tulle for the skirt. Anyone who has a young child who is into the whole "princess thing" can identify with this scene. However Rita is a realistic person and although she is sad,  accepts the situation once she discovers she has a unique power over men. She finds her job is much easier when the world is full of stupid men. She has them eating out of her hands and bringing her money left and right. Soon Joe finds himself in trouble for not having a tattoo identifying him. He is taken to a labeling machine and during a hilarious interview process with the machine he ends up being called Not Sure. He is also given an IQ test which he scores off the charts on. He turns out to be the smartest man alive by far. Once Joe is labeled he is processed into prison but easily outsmarts the guards by switching lines from the into jail line to the out of jail line.

Once Joe is out of jail he gets a local to take him to a time machine but along the way they are caught by the police who take them to the president. The president appoints him the secretary of the interior & assigns him to fix the nations problems such as: dust bowls, hunger and a crippled economy. Joe has Rita brought to him & they begin to work on the problem. As it turns out the nation has begun giving all of the plants Gatorade instead of water. They believe that it is better and have destroyed the environment by doing this for years. Soon Joe has them take care of the issue and helps them to get the entire world back on the right track.

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