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My buddy Josh turned me onto this film and I am forever grateful. The context was a question of what was valuable and and what was real, and how far he could push my imagination before I protested. He had just purchased a gorgeous ring for his girlfriend from an online jewelry store and wanted to test my ability to gauge it’s value. I assumed it was a diamond ring, but he informed me that it was actually a cubic zirconia gemstone, which is a synthetic crystal that could fool any layman into seeing a diamond. So was it an engagement ring? He wouldn’t answer directly, only pointing out that the website where he purchased it featured a large selection of amazing cz rings to choose from, all exclusively designed for them. Then his story got weird. He said this cz rings store came from alien source, where the gems were naturally occurring and protected by violent arachnids. Then he pulled out a cd (not a cz) and popped it into his player.

This was my introduction to one of my favorite films, Starship Trooper. It follows the lives of 3 main characters. They are friends in high school at the beginning of the film but by the end they are al lean mean bug fighting machines! I guess that may take some follow up. You see this film is set in a future where meteor hurling bugs living on another world threaten our existence. The movie begins with the 3 students deciding for their own reasons to join the military. The threat of bug violence still a distant possibility in their minds. As the 3 find out their assignments we watch as one becomes a pilot, another a military strategist & the third becomes an enlisted soldier the likes of which have never been seen. During training there is an accident & Johnny is held responsible for the death of one of his fellow cadets. He is corporally punished after which he decides to leave the military. After signing the exit papers but before being able to head leave his home of Buenos Aires is hit by a surprise attack. Arachnids in a distant galaxy sent a meteor which hit home & slammed into our planet. Rather than leave to his destroyed home he explains to his superiors he cannot leave & must reconsider his resignation. They do not give him a hard time once they find out his home & family were destroyed in the blast.

Once in the war the humans find they have totally underestimated the ability of the arachnid force. They are seriously more coordinated & a much more serious threat than imagined. The first wave of the attack is totally unsuccessful & the human force is decimated. Once the humans regroup a new leader emerges & a new attack plan is formed. The humans start looking for the intelligent leaders of the bugs. The ones pulling the webs, if you will. eventually through team works & much gory, green blooded violence they are able to determine a specific type of bug which seems to be laying the battle plan out for the other bugs. Soon the hunt is on & we see even more human on bug violence in the end it is a drill sergeant who captures the bug after leaving his position to become a lowly private.

This film has everything you could want in a good sci-fi film. There is also un underlying political issue being addressed for those of us keen enough to spot it but that is a story for an entirely different day. In the end the war rages on & more humans, even younger than the first are called to battle. Some of the new recruits only children themselves but to save mankind we see them join & prepare for coming battle.

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